Fields of expertise

Nutrition, health, sports, cinema, music

Thanks to my apprenticeship as a retail employee in the food sector, I took courses in merchandise knowledge on this subject. Because of my many intolerances, I know the effects food can have on the body and which foods should be eliminated when suffering from certain health conditions (e.g. eating fruit should be avoided when experiencing heartburn because it exacerbates the problem even though it would in itself be healthy).

I have suffered from neurodermatitis (skin disease) for years. Therefore, I am quite familiar with dermatology terms. In addition, I have completed a four-month internship in the health service of Hogrefe in Bern, a specialist publishing company for healthcare. Furthermore, many of my friends work in the healthcare sector.

When I was a child, it was a family tradition to watch sport on television. My father and brother were particularly interested in watching football, so there was almost nothing else left for me to do but watch with them. In winter ski races were always broadcast on TV. We would watch these events, as well as other sports programmes on the weekends. For these reasons, I have acquired a broad knowledge of sports.

I have always been fascinated by films and television series and, because of this, I may have spent a bit too much time in front of the TV as a child. During my translation studies I chose film and video technology as my special field. I wrote a terminology work in image converters (used for image capture systems). During my diploma thesis I translated a text about 3D imaging technology and wrote about the methods of how film titles can be translated.

When I was eight years old, I learnt how to play a musical instrument for the first time: it was the flute. Two years later I also learnt to play the cornet (small trumpet). I then played in the youth brass band of the valley for many years as well as in the village band. For this reason, I can read music and am familiar with how a musical group functions. I understand what is important about it.